Saturday, April 29, 2017

Organic Rabbit Meat

$6 a pound. Home grown rabbit meat is very filling and has a rich taste. I usually put one in the crock pot with some water, for a slow cook. then add carrots,
salt pepper and later some red wine.

Organic Frozen whole Chicken

These are Cornish Chickens raised on Cashton no soy grower feed , which we pick up at All Grass Farms in Dundee. We like the flavor this chicken has even compared to other organic growers. We raise 25 Cornish hens at a time. I have some in the freezer but the new chickens will be ready in June. $5 a pound. Usually a chicken will be 4-5 pounds. After you bake a chicken, be sure to save all the bones and recook them with some water to get chicken broth. Sometimes I recook them 2 times. So much better for you than those chicken cubes in the store.

Organic Ground Hot Peppers

This mix is very hot. I use a teaspoon of it for a large pot of Chili. I would sell it by the half pint which is a cup as it lasts a long time. I keep mine in the fridge . Price $ I am not sure but will figure that out.

Organic Tomatilla Salsa

Tomatillas, onions, hot pepper, lemon juice, cilantro, salt. This is a very thick salsa. Good for dipping tortilla chips or adding to cut up cooked chicken chunks ...heat it up and serve over rice...sour cream on top . Everyone will rave over your dish. Extra hot sauce if you please. $4 a pint and $6 a quart

Homemade Soap

Contains Olive Oil, Shae butter , Beeswax, Lavender essence oil, $3 a bar. I will be making a light brown soap which will contain some coffee grounds. This soap feels so good on your skin because of the olive oil.

Organic Chunky Applesauce

$4 a pint

Wednesday, April 19, 2017


$25 a quart. Available possibly in June but for sure in July.