Saturday, April 29, 2017

Organic Rabbit Meat

$6 a pound. Home grown rabbit meat is very filling and has a rich taste. I usually put one in the crock pot with some water, for a slow cook. then add carrots,
salt pepper and later some red wine.

Organic Frozen whole Chicken

These are Cornish Chickens raised on Cashton no soy grower feed , which we pick up at All Grass Farms in Dundee. We like the flavor this chicken has even compared to other organic growers. We raise 25 Cornish hens at a time. I have some in the freezer but the new chickens will be ready in June. $5 a pound. Usually a chicken will be 4-5 pounds. After you bake a chicken, be sure to save all the bones and recook them with some water to get chicken broth. Sometimes I recook them 2 times. So much better for you than those chicken cubes in the store.

Organic Ground Hot Peppers

This mix is very hot. I use a teaspoon of it for a large pot of Chili. I would sell it by the half pint which is a cup as it lasts a long time. I keep mine in the fridge . Price $ I am not sure but will figure that out.

Organic Tomatilla Salsa

Tomatillas, onions, hot pepper, lemon juice, cilantro, salt. This is a very thick salsa. Good for dipping tortilla chips or adding to cut up cooked chicken chunks ...heat it up and serve over rice...sour cream on top . Everyone will rave over your dish. Extra hot sauce if you please. $4 a pint and $6 a quart

Homemade Soap

Contains Olive Oil, Shae butter , Beeswax, Lavender essence oil, $3 a bar. I will be making a light brown soap which will contain some coffee grounds. This soap feels so good on your skin because of the olive oil.

Organic Chunky Applesauce

$4 a pint

Wednesday, April 19, 2017


$25 a quart. Available possibly in June but for sure in July.

Strawberries and raspberries

Make this delicious Strawberry, Raspberry pie this summer. We will be having plenty of these fruits growing later on in July. These must be picked up and possibly I will have you help pick. They are organically grown in raised beds with plenty of our own compost. They do not last long in your fridge because they have no chemicals added. Anyway, they are so yummy that you will probably eat them all as soon as you get home. Tasting some while picking is allowed. I have not figured out a price. I would charge $10 for a freshly made Strawberry Raspberry pie. I know there is rhubarb growing , and rhubarb would be great in this pie too! No I don't sell ice-cream. Although Hope used to make all our ice-cream when she had time.

Organically raised Eggs

$4.50 a dozen

Wholegrain Wheat Bread

Organic oatmeal, organic self-milled Red wheat flour, organic cornmeal, flour, salt, brown sugar, water, yeast and milk. $6 a loaf fresh made. Must order the day before pick-up. Must order at least 4 loaves. Great with our honey. Order eggs and have a great Breakfast. Organic Strawberry jam also can be ordered .